Great Brickhill Cricket Club are proud of their achievements. Below are the Club honours for batting, bowling as well as our Senior, Junior, individual achievements and awards and Vice Presidents.
Senior Honours
Cherwell League
Division 1 Runners up2016
Division 4 Winners (2nd XI)2015
Division 5 Winners (2nd XI)2013
Division 6 Winners (2nd XI)2012
Division 2 Winners2011
Division 3 Winners2010
Division 7 (2nd XI) Runners up2010
Division 4 Winners2009
Division 8 (2nd XI) Winners2009
Division 5 Winners2008
Division 8b (2nd XI) Runners up2008
Four Counties Cricket League
Division 2 Winners2004
Division 1 Winners2007
Division 6 North (3rd XI) Runners up2008
Division 6 Winners2011
Ouse Valley League
Premier Division (1st XI) Runners up1998
Division 1 (2nd XI) Runners up1998, 1999, 2000
Premier Cup
Runners up2000
Coronation Cup
Division 1 Cup
Runners up1998, 1999
Reyven Beds and Bucks Border League
Winners1981, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997
Runners up1984, 1989, 1993, 1994
League Cup
Winners1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997
Runners up1994
Beds Sunday League
Division 2 Winners2015
Division 3 Winners2014
Division 4 Winners2013
Division 5 Winners2012
Milton Keynes Sunday League
Division 1 & Cup Winners2010
Cup Runners up2009
Division 1 & Cup Runners up2008
Division 1 Winners2006, 2007
Milton Keynes Midweek League
Winners Div 1 1st XI1980, 1981, 1985, 1986, 2006
Winners Div 2 2nd XI1982, 1992
Winners Div 41997
Cup1985, 1986
Leighton 6 a Side Tournament
Winners1988, 2007, 2008
Junior Honours
Milton Keynes Youth league
Nat West Youth Competition
BucksRunners up1994
Northants Cricket Association
U16Joint Winners1995
U16League Winners1996
U16Cup Runners up1996
U14League Winners1996
U14Cup Winners1996
Buckingham County Championship
U13Runners up2012
U14Runners up2013
North Bucks League
Hairmoda League
U16K.O. Cup Winners1998
Batting Honours
S. Tubb 217* v Cropredy 2009
P. Read 195* v Wavendon 1999
Cecil Curtis Cup
Highest Runs
Norman Hinton Cup
Batting Average
2016(Sun)A. Jhala H. Kearns
2016(Sat)G. Carter G. Carter
2015(Sun)A. DeBeer A. DeBeer
2015(Sat)M. Nelson P. Prasad
2014P. Prasad P. Prasad
2013P. Prasad A. DeBeer
2012A. Harwood A. Harwood
2011A. DeBeer J. Cook
2010G. Davson G. Davson
2009A. Aris C. Jones
2008A. Aris D. Aris
2007A. Aris A. Aris
2006A. Holloway A. Holloway
2005G. Carter D. Nash
2004A. Higgs M. Sibley
2003A. Aris M. Sibley
2002D. Murgatroyd D. Murgatroyd
2001J. Tweed D. Murgatroyd
2000J. Tweed P. Quinn
1999J. Tweed J. Tweed
1998G. Thomas G. Thomas
1997J. Tweed D. Murgatroyd
1996P. Read G. Thomas
1995J. Tweed G. Thomas
Cecil Curtis Cup
Highest Runs
Norman Hinton Cup
Batting Average
1994H. Sayers G. Thomas
1993H. Sayers D. Murgatroyd
1992H. Sayers D. Murgatroyd
1991H. Sayers M. Daniels
1990M. Daniels H. Sayers
1989D. Murgatroyd J Surguy
1988M. Daniels D. Murgatroyd
1987D. Clarke D. Murgatroyd
1986N. Wade M. Turner
1985C. Cadle C. Cadle
1984C. Cadle C. Cadle
1983A. Haycock D. Murgatroyd
1982N. Wade M. Walters
1981N. Francis N. Francis
1980N. Wade M. Turner
1979A.Haycock M. Turner
Bowling Honours
N. Tweed10 - 24 v Dinton2010
W. Dickens9 - 7 v Woburn1962
J. Boyd9 - 7 v Old Berkley1997
Gareth Jones Cup
Highest Wickets
Jubilee Cup
Bowling Average
2016(Sun)A. Jhala A. Jhala
2016(Sat)J. Wagg J. Wagg
2015(Sun)J. Wagg H. Kearns
2015(Sat)I. John D. Burrows
2014D. Burrows L. Morgan
2013J. Wagg L. Morgan
2012L. Morgan J. Blackwell
2011D. Aris J. Wagg
2010J. Blackwell G. Carter
2009L. Morgan S. Cooper
2008R. Carter P. Hastings
2007J. Blackwell L. Morgan
2006L. Morgan D. Aris
2005R. Carter K. Lloyd
2004R. Carter S. Cooper
2003P. Jennings D. Streatfield
2002L. Morgan D. Streatfield
2001L. Morgan D. Streatfield
2000L. Morgan A. Clarke
1999L. Morgan M. Daniels
1998G. Thomas G. Thomas
1997A. Clarke G. Thomas
1996H. Sayers A. Clarke
1995N. Puffet M. Daniels
H. Sayers
1994H. Sayers
J. Boyd
M. Daniels
Gareth Jones Cup
Highest Wickets
Jubilee Cup
Bowling Average
1993S. Cooper G. Thomas
1992M. Daniels D. Hampson
1991W. John W. John
1990M. Daniels W. Puffett
1989M. Daniels D. Murgatroyd
1988M. Daniels D. Grass
1987A. Clarke S. Martin
1986D. Murgatroyd D. Murgatroyd
1985B. Young L. Enoch
1984D. Murgatroyd D. Murgatroyd
1983M. Daniels B. Young
1982S. Brunt M. Daniels
1981R. Howson R. Howson
1980A. Haycock R. Brunt
1979A. Haycock B. Young
Individual Hons
Richard Turner Cup Catches
1981M. Turner 1997J. Tweed
1982M. Turner 1998G. Thomas
1983G. Davies 1999P. Read
1984D. Cook 2000G. Quinn
1985C. Cadle 2001A. Aris
1986M. Stevens 2002A. Aris
1987D. Murgatroyd 2003G. Quinn
1988P. Harrison-Jones 2004G Quinn
1989P. Miles 2005L. Morgan
1990P. Miles 2006G. Quinn
1991H. Sayers 2007A. Higgs
1992D. Cook 2008G. Quinn
1993D. Cook 2009A. Arris
1994P. Quinn
H. Sayers
2010J. Blackwell
1995D. Cook 2011D. Aris
P. Little
1996D. Cook 2012T. Hardy
   2013G. Morris
   2014T. Hardy
   2014G. Morris
   2014D. Aris
Young Player of the Year Geoffrey Davies Cup
1982D. Murgatroyd 1990S. Chamberlain
1983M. Grass 1991W. Turner
1984M. Stevens 1992D. Campbell
1985H. Sayers 1993R. Large
1986A. Clarke 1994J. Copeman
1987P. Harrison-Jones 1995P. Read
1988S. Cooper 1996D. Nash
1989D. Grass 1997P. Hastings
Young Player of the Year Colin Harman Shield
1998J. Harman 2005A. Boad/M. Boad
1999A. Elvin/N. Tweed 2006A. Bowden
2000A. Aris 2007A. Graham
2001A. Bowden 2008T. Sibley
2002G. Carter 2009D. Burrows
2003P. Jennings 2010J. Woodhouse
2004D. Aris 2011E. Patterson
   2012G. Morris
   2013J. Wagg
   2014H. Kearns
   2015A. Khan
   2016E. Marshall
Eric Green Sixes Shield
2006D. Aris2007A. Aris
2008D. Aris2009A. Aris
2010G. Davson2011A. DeBeer
2012D. Aris
2013A. DeBeer
2014P. Prasad
2015A. DeBeer
2016M. Nelson
Sir D. Duncombe

Life Members
B. D. Wright
R. A. Muir
N. Blake
T. Roff
Mrs I. Roff
T. Amies
S. Martin
M. Turner
Vice Presidents
T. Abraham S. Hastings G. Thomas
Mrs S. Aris M. Head J. Tweed
N.Blake T. Henrick N. Wade
S. Boddy A. Haycock S. Hastings
M. Bowden P. Hooper J. Walduck
B. Charlton M. Holdom J. Wallace
J. Carter P. Lickorish C. Whitehouse
B. Charlton K. Lloyd D. Williams
T. Amies Mrs S. Mcloughlin S. Wilson
A. Gurney P. Quinn B. Young
S. Elvin T. Read  
J. Hall A. Sibley  
D. Hampson J. Surguy  
A. Cook    
Great Brickhill Cricket Club would like to thank all sponsors for their generous support.
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